Join us on 23rd September for our next ENCOUNTER.



Our very own Matt Whiteley unpacked scripture, and the Encounter Band lead us in sung worship.
We had all the regular art supplies set out for children and adults alike to worship through art; and our lovely refreshments and of course,
our gracious and loving God was there too.

So, mark your calendars for the next session, spread the word, and see you there!

Want more info? Feel free to get in touch via email.
PS. Please know, we're not in the habit of asking for your money, but if you wanted to donate towards the work of Encounter, you can do so at our gatherings via a retiring offering. Thank you in advance for partnering with us to enable Encounter.


Did you now that Chris has much of his artwork available for purchase? Be it the originals or prints, you can find all of Chris' work on here.
It's a great way to support him and all his ministry work, which includes Encounter.