Our Story 

It was back in the late 1980s that church leaders expressed an enthusiasm to get involved in helping create the new community of Cambourne. By the early 1990s it became clear that this would involve several Christian churches working together. The first homes in Cambourne were built in late 1999 and the church started welcoming new residents through the energetic ministry of Rev. Dr. Carrie Pemberton. The first full time residential minister Rev. Peter Wood was appointed in early 2001. The waiting room of the doctor's surgery (now the dentist's) became the first meeting place. This was a time of dreams and visions. A time to bring your own chair to church and for wellies to cope with all the mud!

The need however for a place for the church and the community to meet was pressing. An old school portacabin was found in the north of the county. It was reconditioned by local residents and became the first community centre for Cambourne opening on Palm Sunday 2002. The Ark quickly became a home to a wide variety of community groups. Although very limited in many respects it opened a good discussion on what was and is church.

Service in the ark
In 2004 the church made public their intention to seek to have a church school in Cambourne. After many discussions in the church and in the community a church school got the green light. The Vine Inter-Church Primary School opened in September 2005 with Debbie Higham as its first Head Teacher .

In that same year the church started using the the Hub Community Centre on Sundays. Whilst this building offered space to grow it was always going to be a staging post until enough funding could be found to begin the construction of a permanent church on land given for such a purpose.

The building, as we currently know it, was completed in November 2009 and serves the community in a variety of ways.  In addition to the religious services which are held in the Church, there is a popular café featuring fairtrade products and letting space for community and church functions alike.

Whilst we have met many goals since the idea of establishing a church in Cambourne was envisioned, a vital quiet chapel has still not been built. Plans are now under way to raise funds to achieve this aim. Peter Wood moved on to become director of mission for Ely Diocese in February 2013 and Matthew Trick was appointed full time minister in January 2014.