The Pete Mear Grant 

freely-mark-alexandrovich-6042The Pete Mear Grant is a fund to support young people in development of skills to contribute to and lead worship to be used within Cambourne Church or more widely.
Grants of up to £200 (per application) are available for individuals. Group applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Pete Mear was a passionate worship leader who was a significant part of the life of Cambourne Church. He had a particular desire to support young people in developing skills that would enable them to grow their own musical talents and contribute to worship in the church and beyond. Sadly Pete died in 2017 but his passion lives on in a financial legacy he left to Cambourne Church to continue to support young people in worship ministry. The Pete Mear Grant is open to those who want to develop or enhance their contributions to worship ministry in Cambourne Church and further afield. Funds are available for a variety of possible scenarios, for example (but not limited to) training in music or audio visual skills, purchasing of equipment and attendance of relevant courses or events.

Eligibility criteria
Applications are welcome from those who fulfil the following criteria:
• Aged between 8 and 25 years old at the time of application.
• Already involved in leading worship or supporting music or multimedia production at Cambourne Church (or can demonstrate willingness to become involved).

Support for those in receipt of awards
Individuals who are in receipt of an award can expect to meet with a member of the Pete Mear Grant Committee at the outset and again at a mutually agreed time to offer support and discuss progress. This will be arranged on a case by case basis depending on the individual situation.

It will be expected that all applicants will provide a written statement at an agreed time to explain the benefit they have experienced as a result of the fund. This statement can be written with support from a member of the Pete Mear Grant Committee if this is helpful.

Deadline for applications
Applications will be considered at a meeting several times per year but can be considered in between meetings depending on circumstances. The first deadline for applications is 29th February 2020.

To access the application form please click here or use the QR code below.

The Pete Mear Grant - Applicat