Mums - A found poem by Cambourne Church

During the Mothering Sunday service on Mother’s Day 2019,
we asked people to text in suggestions for how to end to the phrase ‘Mum’s are…’ 
The following poem is made up of the responses which were sent in.
Dads are the boss until Mums come home.
Mums are all around us,
they are our friends and family,
they nurture us and care for us
so that we grow into the people that express the best of our abilities
and we are so grateful for them and their endless love for us.
Mums are amazing.
Mums are awesome.
Mums are beautiful.
Mums are caring.
Mums are flawless.
Mums are God’s best invention.
Mums are great.
Mums are helpful.
Mums are incredible.
Mums are inspirational.
Mums are joyful.
Mums are kind.
Mums are life-savers.
Mums are loved.
Mums are lovely.
Mums are loving.
Mums are nice.
Mums are patient.
Mums are powerful.
Mums are smiley.
Mums are strong.
Mums are super.
Mums are superheroes.
Mums know everything.
Mums love us and work for our benefit.
Mums are the messengers of God’s life delivery.
Mums are the ones we turn to when we need comfort and encouragement.
Mums are the people who keep us safe.
Mums are not perfect (but do their best).
Mums are not always those with children.
Mums are not recognised as important enough until we no longer have one.
Mums are who make the world go round.
They are there for us when we hit low.
They welcome us with open arms when we have done wrong.
The relationship between a mother and her child is unending love.