Cambourne Church
Annual Works Day!

Saturday 30th June
9 am - 3 pm     

Please come along for all or part of the time.

This is the annual opportunity to ‘spruce up’ the church and to get lots of things cleaned, mended, sorted out etc.
We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful building to meet and worship in but its upkeep takes a lot of time and care so please all be encouraged to think and pray about how
you could help on the day.
There will be a role for everyone!

Drinks and cake will be provided!!

Please bring…..
Carpet cleaning machines                         Painting equipment              
Elbow grease!
                                                    Rubber gloves                   
Pressure washers    
Tool kits                                                    Garden tools             
Scrubbing brushes 
Sponges                                                     Anything else!!