Seminar Sunday 


Seminar Sunday is on Sunday 29th April at 10 am

The service will begin with half an hour of worship led by Cath Price. There will then be the opportunity to attend 1 of 2 seminars which will both be based around Inclusion as part of the      I am a Child of God reflection series. 
  1. Heather Rogers (Youth Development Worker, Aspire Team, Romsey Mill)
"I'm excited to share on my experience of working with people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and learning disabilities, and some thoughts around ways that we can promote inclusion within the Church.
I'll also be looking to break down some of the stigma and pre-formed ideas around people with learning disabilities and additional needs, talk a bit about how people with these needs experience Church and experience the world, and suggest some ways that we can make accessible, welcoming and loving for all.”
  1. Fiona Drummond
"I want to take the fear and stigma out of mental illness, cover the main causes we encounter and talk a little about how to deal with people who are experiencing mental illness."