Unity - We Are One For a Purpose  

“Whatever comes out of these gates, we’ve got a better chance of survival if we work together!” Maximus Decimus Meridius in the film Gladiator (2000)
Why is our unity and togetherness so important that Jesus prayed to God that we might all be one? And what does it mean for us as a church, today, anyway?
Throughout 2017, Christians from a wide range of backgrounds, traditions and denominations have been affirming their commitment to unity for mission.  This movement, endorsed by many Christian leaders across the UK, has been inspired by the prayer that Jesus prayed for his disciples and for all believers, in John chapter 17, where he encourages us and challenges us to pursue his desire: “May they all be one that the world might believe.”
Jesus passionately prayed that we, as God's Church, would be united. Unity is not an option - it is something that is on God’s heart for us, his children so that we can be together in serving Him and making Jesus known in the world.
At Cambourne Church, we are going to be spending time together between now and Advent, in our Home / Life Groups considering what being united means for
us as individuals, as a local church and as God’s church in the world. We will be looking at how we should work to achieve togetherness; and the impact that unity in God’s name has in our relationships and in our community.
In recent months, the leaders of the various Home / Life Groups in Cambourne Church have discussed how we could best look at the subject of unity, together!
So, we have all agreed that we are going to use a series of Bible studies prepared by the team at Spring Harvest, called "One for purpose: Unity in Christ”.
And we want to encourage everyone to join with us in taking part in this series, as we seek to understand what God might be wanting us to learn and share with each other about being united in His name.  We also want to create more opportunities for us to spend time together, socially.
In September, each Home / Life Group will first be holding a social get together / meal before beginning the series of studies. This will provide an opportunity for people who have not attended a Group before to meet and get to know other people who are there.  Everyone is welcome, and you may just decide that you only want to go to the social, which would be fine. Meeting together socially is a really important aspect of being one together.
Then as a church, once we have completed the series of studies on Unity, we will all meet together for a family meal and games, one Sunday afternoon near the beginning of Advent (details to be announced closer to the date). 
This is an important time for us to come together as a fellowship - and to build a better understanding what it means to be united in Christ, as a church, to fulfil the role that God has intended for us in His service and in our community. We’d love for you to join us.
If you are not involved with a Home / Life group and would like to link up with one for this series of helpful and practical studies, or for a social get together and meal, please speak with Lucy Thompson or Andrea and Neil Thompson.

More information about Home Groups can be found over on the Home Group page